Students & Recent Grads, You REALLY Don’t Want To Miss This!

What are the most common questions you as a student or recent graduate have for people working in the Food Industry?

Do you have specific questions depending on the job function?

Are you planning to work in the industry but unsure what job you might like?

Nope.  Never Gonna Work in the Food Industry….

Food GradsMaybe your are totally undecided about what you plan to do after you graduate.  Maybe the Food & Beverage Industry has never been a consideration, but unless you are Anderson Cooper (who admits to having weird eating habits, sticking to a couple of things and having a very boring diet) you like food, so why not explore the industry?

You might be pleasantly surprised by the choice of career options available.

Careers in product development, food safety, communications and marketing, business and finance, operations and supply chain the career paths are endless and purposeful. If meaningful work and the opportunity to make great money is what you’re after, this is the right industry (oh, and it’s pretty recession proof…..everyone eats!).

I guarantee you will be inspired and a little smarter about where your food comes from.  The people who actually grow, make and sell your food will enlighten you.

You will know a little more about how your food gets to the grocery store and subsequently to your table.  Not a bad way to spend the evening!

Career Showdown 2018

Career Showdown 2018

We are co-hosting an event with Taste Your Future in January aimed at students and grads.  Our recent visit to Guelph University, to speak with the Food Science club inspired the event.

It was a big success mainly due to the informality of it and access to Morgan, a Product Developer with Dr. Oetker and Pete, a Sales Leader for Cargill.

They are both relatively early in their careers, but have so much wisdom to share, yet they remember their first job search, like it was yesterday!

We wanted to recreate this on a slightly bigger scale, with a few more industry professionals who could answer all those burning questions, with full access to beer (naturally, I’m British and you’re students LOL).

What Do You Want To Know?

Food GradsDo you have a question?  Doesn’t matter if its really specific to a particular job function or a broad question related to the industry–we want to hear it.

If you can’t join us in Toronto January 10, boo that sucks BUT fear not, we will be sharing all the information via our YouTube channel and other social networks.  You won’t miss out!

We do have a questions’ and answers’ page here on the FoodGrads blog which already has some really useful content.

Questions like how to negotiate your first salary or what careers in food are available to someone with a degree in Biology? A really popular one was about whether to go on to do a Masters degree or should you take Food Science or Nutrition?

We get the BEST advice from a massive community of Food & Beverage Industry professionals.  So essentially, from the horses’ mouth.

There’s a bunch more to come too, so join FoodGrads so you don’t miss this awesome advice!

What Do You Want To Share?

Just as important is the great advice that employers and experienced industry professionals want to share with those just starting out.  If you haven’t already, check out the video Griffith Foods made for new grads.

Taylor McNerney, Marketing Manager at Griffith is just one of the pros who will be at the Jan event to chat with you.

(I will provide a full round-up of who will be there and which great companies are sponsoring the event in the next few weeks!)

Students and new grads don’t have the luxury of experience, so it’s up to those who have ventured on the path well traveled–the food career path–to share their wisdom, advice, tips and knowledge.  The best part is, those starting out in food couldn’t ask for a better group of people to learn from.

We have a wonderful opportunity to start to close the gap.  Let’s not waste it.

Get involved, send me an email or leave a comment.  There’s no silly question or piece of advice!  If it helped you, it can hep someone else.

Oh, students and grads, don’t forget to RSVP to the event!

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Meet Veronica Hislop, Yenci Gomez and Jonathan Cruz–some of our FoodGrads Campus Ambassadors & Career Partners.  They will be MC’ing the event, asking questions and generally making everyone feel welcome while celebrating this amazing industry.

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