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Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO), through the Taste Your Future Program, is engaging young people to think of the food and beverage processing sector as an exciting sector for employment. The bursary contest celebrates the innovative and creative ideas that young people bring to the food and beverage sector.

Something for everyone in Food!

FoodGradsThere is a plethora of educational opportunities in the sector, leading to careers in a wide range of areas, from engineer to marketer, along with specialist positions from food scientist to brew master. There are positions at all skill levels, in the private and public sectors, at global companies and family businesses, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and more.

Very soon FoodGrads will be bringing you a ‘Picture of the Industry’ from farm to fork–along the entire supply chain–you will get a visual of all the positions available and we will provide the guidance, tools and resources to confidently move forward.  Our interactive platform and 10 step program empowers students and grads to take control of their food career from the start.  Sign up to FoodGrads today, website re-launch Springtime!

Get your career ‘ball rolling’, this is a fun contest that allows you to share your unique idea and talent with industry professionals.  Receive career advice and mentorship as well as valuable exposure to Ontario food industry leaders.  What are you waiting for?

Submit a Video

The Taste Your Future Bursary Contest, asks students to submit a video either individually or as part of a team presenting their innovative idea for how they can contribute to food and beverage processing in Ontario. Students can enter the contest either as a Maker and Designer or a Scientist, Programmer and Engineer. The Maker and Designer category is for students with an idea for a new food or beverage product. The Scientist, Programmer and Engineer category is for students with an idea for a new process, software application, tool or machinery for food and beverage processing.

Each category is open to both a high school stream and a post-secondary stream. Individual students or teams are encouraged to submit their application and video for judging by an expert panel drawn from the food and beverage sector.

Contest Guidelines

Makers and Designers: Create or prototype a food or beverage product or significantly enhance an existing product. For example, creating new flavours, new product formulations or unique product packaging. 1.  What need does this product meet?

2.  Who would buy this product?

3.  How would you market this product?

Scientists, Engineers and Programmers: Develop a process, software application, tool or machine for food and/or beverage processors. For example, a way to extend the shelf life of a product, improvements to a process such as warehousing, supply chain or other industry processes. 1.  What problems does this solve?

2.  Who would use your process, app, tool or machine?

3.  How would you market it?


Winners in each category will be awarded $2,000, industry mentorship with an employee of an Ontario Food and Beverage processing company for 12 months, resume coaching support via FoodGrads, and tickets to the 2017 FBO annual meeting for increased industry acknowledgement and networking opportunities.

For information on how to apply, key dates, eligibility and prizing, visit and good luck!

Photo courtesy of Katie Lanfranki –  R&D Technologist, South Coast Baking and FoodGrads Career Partner.  Check out Katie’s podcast interview on My Food Job Rocks! She’s an inspiration!

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