There is No Such Thing as ‘Over-Communication’

Let me ask you a question.

The question is based on a story from Dr. John Izzo, a Canadian business/leadership expert.Have you ever been on a plane, perhaps heading to a much anticipated vacation destination, watching a great movie, settling in for a smooth flight and the pilot chimes in to talk about the crew, flight route, temperature, etc. interrupting your movie and Zen feeling?

And conversely, have you been on a flight with lots of turbulence and not heard a word from the flight staff? You are left wondering if everything is OK? Is the plane going to crash? Remember how much you wanted to hear from the pilot? And how relieved you felt when the pilot did provide an update?

Here is my takeaway from Dr. Izzo story:

You Can Never Over-Communicate

Communicate the good news – celebrate whenever possible! And talk about what is not going well – people can handle the truth. Don’t sugar-coat and don’t over-exaggerate. In the absence of communication, folks will form their own conclusion usually with inaccurate facts. This is how toxic rumors get started.

So as you move along your journey, recall this question, and I know you will! Even if only when you are flying and a pilot interrupts your movie. And that will be your reminder to apply it to everyday life.

Author: Michelle Preyde


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