You MUST take THIS first step to start your career!

Are you still a student or have you just graduated?  Whether you are still at school undecided about your career path or you’ve just graduated and are looking for your first job. Take this first important step to start your career!

Get Informed and Get Found

FoodGrads is a platform dedicated to supporting and celebrating those starting out as well as people in the industry.  You are invited to sign up.  The first step to start your career is joining FoodGrads.

Whether you are a food scientist, chef, food activist, farmer, nutritionist, food engineer, technician etc.–interested in packaging, supply chain, sales, HR etc. this platform is for you.  Starting your own food business?  We have you covered.

Not sure what future career path suits you?  Prepare to be inspired….

Why we started FoodGrads:

  • Shake things up!  It’s a new day and the industry needs to reflect that.
  • To offer free support and guidance for those pursuing a career in Food & Beverage
  • Support students so graduation is an exciting step, and you are fully prepared to get your first job.
  • Mentorship and Tools
  • Training and Skill Development
  • To close the ‘gap’ between grads and employers
  • Encouraging New Comers to Canada to explore careers in Food & Beverage
  • Support International students by creating a platform for communication and connection
  • Encouraging students/grads to empower themselves.  Have a voice, share your story!
  • Put a spotlight on career paths and celebrate the people in the industry
  • Career transition support and guidance.
  • Encourage involvement in Food related issues (Food Waste, Hunger –partnered with Universities Fighting World Hunger)
  • Interlink the Industry (Food Processing, Food Service, Retail, Food Policy, Culinary, Law etc.) all on one platform.

Start Career Food

Unique Benefits of

  • You can follow Food & Beverage companies/restaurants/organizations
  • You can apply to jobs (user friendly tracking in place)
  • Companies will have their own Careers Page, linked to their website so you can do your research.
  • Companies can later post content under their page.
  • Companies will have their own unique Page URL [ ]

Plus we have a bunch of new features in development for Mobile App on iOS & Android!  Stay tuned.

When Can You Sign Up?


Please give us feedback. This is YOUR site and you, as future food professions will be driving it and the industry, so let’s hear from you!

If you would like to help us spread the word, that would be amazing!  Please share our social media efforts next week with your peers/network–we are pumped to help you start your career!  Any questions?  Email Thank you, thank you!!!!

Students/Grads: Create your FREE profile to ‘get found’ by employers, access skill development & training, advice from industry pros, apply to jobs to start your career and join a niche food & beverage community, the future of the food industry

Employers: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit your organization, unlimited job posting, on-boarding program, branding, a small investment for a big future!

College/Universities: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit you. Engage your students and bring attention to your programs.

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