15 Stress-Busting Jobs to Kickstart Your Career

Some amount of workplace stress is normal but chronic job stress not only affects your productivity, but also impacts your physical and emotional health. If you think your current job is seriously affecting your quality of life, then a quick job change may be just what you need.

If you need help kick starting your job search, check out this new info-graphic from Quantum Binders that lists 15 low-stress jobs that also pay well. While some of the jobs such as orthodontist and physicist require advanced degrees and specialized training, for many like Food Scientist a Bachelor’s Degree gets your foot in the door. It not only pays exceedingly well i.e. an average $65,340 annually, but also ranks low in terms of stress tolerance. So what are you looking for?

Check out the below info-graphic for your dream job!

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Info-graphic provided by Jessica Morgan.

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