Start Networking Now, While You’re Still At School!

You have been told that the key to a successful career is to have a solid network.

Your network is your net worth and without connections in the industry, it will be tough to make it alone.

I have to agree.  It’s not just about what you know, it’s who you know.

Without my network I would not have had a successful recruitment career in Food + Beverage.  My network gave me the confidence and support to start a new business–an interactive platform–for students and grads starting their career in the industry.

A solid network is one of the most powerful things you can have for career advancement and is something you can control entirely yourself and start as early as you want to.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

CIFST Table Top

I would recommend building your industry network as early as possible.

Connect with as many different people as you can, especially if you are still unsure exactly what career path you might like to take or plan to keep your options open which is never a bad idea.

A word of advice.  Don’t mistake followers on LinkedIn (or anywhere else) as a true network.  Can you help them or they help you in the future because you are connected–absolutely–but never replace live conversations–face to face meetings–actual connections with online ones.  This would be a mistake.

A Great Place to Start

Me and some of our awesome FoodGrads Campus Ambassadors will have a booth at the upcoming CIFST Tabletop this Tuesday.  It hosts hundreds of Food + Beverage companies–future employers for you!

It can be intimidating to attend these types of events–I know–but what if there was an exhibitor that you could visit and it felt like coming home! Somewhere you could take a breather, eat some food, chat with friends and re-charge before heading back out?  Guess what, there is!  We’ll be at booth 228!!

CIFST Table Top

It’s a great opportunity to network, explore business opportunities, and find out what’s new in the industry (plus there’s always tons of free food LOL)

When you arrive you will be given a floor plan and a list of all exhibitors (if you would like a copy of the list of exhibitors early so you can do some research on the companies that will be there and plan your event in advance, I have it, email me)

One thing I have to mention.  The exhibitors all have their own objectives, and that might include connecting with students and recent grads BUT it will for sure include a bunch of other things.

Keep your interaction ‘short and sweet’ exchange business cards (or if you don’t have one, take theirs) and after the event–based on the conversation that transpired–call them or email them, add them to your LinkedIn network etc. the next day or day after.  This way you are still fresh in their mind (and vice versa).

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Personally, I have always gone into these type of events with an intention to have a couple of meaningful, relevant conversations versus walking away with 100 business cards.  But that’s me.

Are YOU Going? It’s FREE!

Please come by and say hello, Veronica, Yenci, Jonathan and Francis will be at the FoodGrads booth with me….

If you plan to attend you MUST pre-register, otherwise there will be a $20 entrance fee

Do you have any questions?  Ask us anything or leave a comment below.

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