How Can I Find a Food Stylist Position?

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How do I find a Food stylist position? I have already tried to connect with existing food stylists to assist them but most of them have a tight budget to hire assistants. This is such a rare position to find on job platforms”

This was a popular question.  Perhaps our blog post ‘8 Facts About Food Stylists‘ inspired some!  It was viewed 11,571 times so far…

Feedback from the Food & Beverage FoodGrads Community;

Like most roles in the creative industry, a lot of it has to do with being persistent, and being able to do a couple testing jobs or even working on creatives.

A lot of these jobs won’t pay but allow you to develop a relationship with the food stylist you want to work with, and hopefully, it’ll turn into payable jobs in the future. No different than in the photo industry, an assistant will either continue and solidify his/her role as great assistants or digital tech (which is vital to any shoot) or then move on to become professional photographers themselves.

All I can say is persistence and not being afraid to cut your teeth on the first few jobs is what is important.

If you are interested to hear more from Sebastian, check out his My Food Job Rocks! podcast interview.

Giving is very important.  I would say target a company you really like, analyse their marketing and get on the drawing board to draft a proposition based on a single element that needs upgrade. Fix one of their problem and give it away including your resume. Companies like Freshii (Toronto-Chicago) offer a platform on their website to open this kind of discussion.

Food StylistAlso think outside the box, Food businesses can be found in multiple forms, not only traditional jobs and Pet food is one of them. Pooch companies like Tom & Sawyer downtown Toronto are actually very much growing, they might or probably have opportunities for those who seeks. D-Pierre Beaumier

You could always find a photographer who is interested in food and you could style for them? Work with each other on a portfolio. Also target a start up brand with your work. I am a photographer and have recently done this with a someone who is setting up a food pop up, it has work really well, images get used on social media, posters and by bloggers and newspapers. Not a huge amount, but people few have asked me to do a few bits for them. Show em what you can do! Alexander Cutler

Hang out where the chefs purchase fresh produce every morning, attend networking events where advertisers for big food brands can be found, meet with wedding and event planners and show them what you can do. Tonya Parker

I hope this feedback helps.  Are you curious about this as a profession?  Check out ‘8 Facts About Food Stylists’

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