During a Pandemic (but really all the time) a Career in Food & Beverage Matters!

First, I want to thank the front line workers. The Doctors, Nurses and others that put their personal needs aside and help others–you are the HEROS in all of this. Thank you for your service.

But, there is a community of people who keep us healthy, keep us from panicking and mostly keep us full! Those are the food & beverage industry professionals.

Without food manufacturing, food service, food distribution and retail the shelves would be empty–due to the panic buying we have already witnessed–we’ve had a taste of what that would be like.

Not fun!

Food Processors

I’ve personally spoken to those who have had to step into the position of ‘Crisis Coordinator’ in these unprecedented times. To devise a plan to keep the line moving, producing food and beverage products, ready to load onto the trucks, while ensuring the highest quality standards are met as usual.

Along that supply chain the hero’s are there.

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Farmers delivering to plants. Receivers bringing raw materials into the plant–inspecting the quality, production, sanitation (extra extra) packaging and shipping–to retail workers making sure (in a variety of ways) that product stocks our kitchens!

On top of the usual sanitation processes, imagine the extra efforts that are now needed to keep each other healthy–co-workers needing to keep 3 feet apart at all time, while still trying to do their job!

Remember while technology and innovation means the process is more sophisticated than years ago. True, there are more machines and robotics in place in food manufacturing plants, the reality is the industry still relies heavily on great people to thrive.

Many professions (not all) require people to be physically there, so no option to work from home.

Food Service / Restaurants

Restaurants are adopting new ways to do business so they can keep their doors open, ensuring ‘social distancing’ at all times.

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But remember, there are so many more professionals involved in food service than you might think. The Dining Room Managers, Chef’s and staff working at senior homes, our most vulnerable members of society right now. The list goes on and on….

Career Paths

If you are reading this, unsure of the career path you should take, I urge you strongly to explore careers in this industry. When you look around –the true needs of human beings become alarmingly apparent–look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The second on the list of the most important physiological needs is food. I invite you to explore careers in an industry that might change over time, but will ALWAYS be needed.

International Food Professionals Day!

May 9, 2020 let’s come together to thank the people that are bringing food to our table in this precarious time. We are all worried, we are all unsure what the future holds, but we can all come together and show gratitude and celebrate the helpers.

Stay tuned! #FoodProsDay

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