FoodGrads Podcast Ep 18: Diving into the exciting world of plant-based restaurants with Trish Paterson, CEO of Copper Branch Foods

Welcome to episode 18 of the FoodGrads Podcast. The podcast where we explore careers in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. I’m your host Veronica Hislop, a molecular science graduate student and career partner with FoodGrads.

On this week’s podcast, I interviewed Trish Paterson the CEO of Copper Branch. Copper Branch is a 100% Plant-Based Quick-Serve restaurant chain with a mission to empower, energize, and make people feel their best. Established in Montreal, Canada they have locations across Canada and recently have expanded to Nashville and Europe.

In this episode, Trish and I talked about Copper Branch foods and its philosophy on food and how the company prides itself be sourcing 100% plant-based and sustainable ingredients. We dive into how Trish started in this industry as a franchise owner after working in a corporate setting. I learned about what exactly a CEO and franchise owner does for their job and what young people should do if they want to move up the ranks in this industry.

Overall, Trish’s career journey is a fascinating one and shows that you can really re-invent yourself if you just give it a try. Trish really advocates the idea of saying yes to new opportunities because you never know where they will take you. This conversation just got me so excited about plant-based food sector and where it is going.

So enough with that, on to the show!

Show Notes

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