Why Study Food?

The essence of why FoodGrads came to be is captured in the new program George Brown College is offering. How? For us, food is about the most important thing in our world. We all eat. Food is medicine, everything health related starts with our diet and we should be able to feel confident that the choices available at the grocery store are nutritious.

We shouldn’t have to avoid ‘the middle isles’ that contain the offerings from ‘Big Food‘ especially if our bank balances aren’t even close to the Tom Brady’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s of the world. Everyone deserves to have enough food to eat, and for it to be safe and healthy.

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that everything we buy in a package or through the drive-thru window is good for me–but I am optimistic that with enough attention, with the right socially conscious people in the industry–we can improve things. Hence, why I am dedicated to attracting people to careers in food & beverage.

Don’t even get me started on the impact the right people can make to the environment through sustainable practices and reduced plastic packaging….that’s a whole other blog post!

I wanted to do my best to make sure people are aware of this program, it really does capture the heart of ‘FoodGrads’.

Introducing Canada’s First Bachelor of Food Studies Program

Food choices are no longer about what we will have for dinner. Behind those choices are the biggest challenges of our time — how to address chronic disease, waste, climate change, rapid urbanization, technological change, hunger, and inequity?

The Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Degree Program will bring a new focus on justice and equity, sustainability and health, and a new awareness of how these societal issues can be analyzed and resolved.

Food studies are an innovative field that draws from many disciplinary traditions to examine the social, economic, and political context around food production, distribution, and consumption. Completing this program will demonstrate your commitment to the culinary arts and understanding issues throughout the entire food system — distinguishing you from other chefs. The culinary skills you learn at George Brown are in demand by employers across Canada and internationally. You will have the training to build a successful career at home and around the world.

For complete details, review the program page on the George Brown College website.

Career Options Afterwards….

The Honours Bachelor of Food Studies opens doors to diverse career pathways in the Foodservice, Community and nonprofit organisations, Government, Education, and beyond.

I can’t wait to speak with the students that enroll in this program, we’ll also bring some instructors onto the podcast so you can learn even more about the impact you can make in the world.

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