FoodGrads Podcast Ep 49: Providing comprehensive and holistic coaching for transformational change in food safety and quality with Tia Glave, Food Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Consultant and Co-founder of Catalyst, LLC.

On episode 49 of the FoodGrads Podcast we interviewed Tia Glave, Food Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Consultant and Co-founder Catalyst, LLC. Catalyst LLC was created in 2021 by Tia Glave and Jill Stuber. Catalyst is a comprehensive and holistic coaching program for creating transformational change within people and organizations toward the ultimate food safety and quality culture.

On this week’s episode Tia walked us through her career journey and how she found herself in food safety despite having a Chemical Engineering degree. Tia talked to me more about Catalyst and food safety consulting and the unique perspective she takes when it if comes food safety.

Tia has a strong passion for helping all-sized organization and you can just hear her enthusiasm in this episode about systems thinking and using proven methods that creates efficiencies, is effective, and identifies cost savings, all while using servant leadership principles. We dived deep into food safety culture not only what this new industry buzzword really means but also why a company should adopt it.

Finally we talked about Tia’s passion for championing black talent in food safety which has led to the development of the black professionals in food safety and quality.

Show Notes

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