FoodGrads Podcast Episode 63: Navigating Career Uncertainties with Authenticity and Open Mindedness with Jared Kligerman, President of The Think Tank

On episode 63 of the FoodGrads Podcast we interviewed Jared Kligerman, President of the Think Tank. Think Tank is a full-service communications agency, providing brands with the strategic and creative tools to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers where they consume – in-store, online and beyond.

On this episode Jared shared with Veronica what the Think Tank is, how they support the food industry and the very winding career path that Jared took to get there. They also talked about small food businesses, some of the difficulties they face, particularly the idea of trust and how Toronto has a killer food founder scene. Though the episode doesn’t end there. We brought it back around to focus on topics related to students such as what students should be doing during their undergraduate like how to build a network on LinkedIn, connecting with you class-mates and how to deal with uncertainties of careers for the future.

Jared is just full energy and we think you all will enjoy this episode. He brought up so many topics that we think will resonate with a lot of you out there.

Show Notes


[1:51] Discovering what the Think Tank is all about.

[3:23] Social media, traditional media and how they are changing today.

[12:24] Food founders in Toronto and the flourishing CPG food scene.

[15:47] Jared’s advice for aspiring food founders.

[25:53] Networking tips for  introverted students looking to go into food industry.

[28:30] Finding the right work culture for you and your career.

[31:29] Tips on how students can use LinkedIn to network effectively.

[34:23] Why Jared believes finding your dream job straight out of school is unlikely.

[44:17] Coping with uncertainty and overcoming career obstacles.

The Think Tank (TTT)

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Love Good Fats

80/20 Rule

F*** up nights 

Jared Kligerman  quotes from the Interview

What’s been really cool in the last couple of years is a lot of more veteran founders, those who’ve been around the block a couple times, maybe on the third or fourth startup they’re at a point now where they’re becoming very open about sharing their experiences and sharing their knowledge. And the founder networks that now exist are amazing, particularly within Toronto and and Ontario.

Jared Kligerman

You have to understand that for most of our friends, they’re not here and we’ll have busy lives. If you want that relationship, you’re the one who has to take the effort to maintain it and give it life. And is it frustrating that it has to be you? Yeah, of course it is but at the end of the day, what’s more important, you being a little put out that you’ve gotta take five seconds, then say, “Hey, it’s been a while we should catch up” or sitting there being bitter about the fact that they never reach to me and I don’t have anyone to talk to. Your pick.

Jared Kligerman

And it’s also why it’s great having a little network around you too of people who are in the same stage you are. Cause that means you can ask them. “Hey, so what’s it like at your company? Oh, oh, it is like that. Okay, cool. It’s not just me,  it is? It’s just a stage we have to get through. Cool.”

Jared Kligerman

Same with your career. “Do I do this job or I do that job?” You have all these choices. So I think the way I like to handle the uncertainty is that there’s always gonna be a certain number of known factors, right? We always know that something is working or that we have a certain strength area that we can lean into. So whether it’s you’re looking for your career or you’re doing your marketing or anything else the 80/20 rule is a good one to follow for almost for a lot of things in life.

Jared Kligerman

You know, I think we’re, we’re all so rushed to go and find that dream job, but the reality I think we’re all sold a very false dream that, that that dream job is the first thing we’re gonna get. And the reality is it is for a micro percentage, but for most of us, you’re gonna go through 2, 3, 4 jobs and then you’re gonna be like, “Oh my I love this”.

Jared Kligerman

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