What do millwrights in the food manufacturing industry do? with Nole Coutrouzas, VP & Business Representative for UBC Millwright Local 1916 | FoodGrads Podcast Ep 80

On today’s episode we are talking about millwrights that work in the food manufacturing industry, how to become one and career progession as a millwright.

Our guest today is Nole Coutrouzas, VP & Business Representative UBC Millwright Local 1916. The Millwright Regional Council (MRC) is composed of thirteen affiliated Local Unions of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) across Canada. They represent thousands of woman and men working as progressive cross-trained construction and maintenance professionals with exceptional skills to install, maintain, diagnose, and repair precision machinery. UBC millwrights are vital partners in industries as diverse as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals and more.
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[02:03] Noel introduction
[5:40] Noel’s Career Journey and the Path to Becoming a Millwright
[9:49] Understanding the Term ‘Millwright’
[12:59] The Impact of Automation on Food Processing
[15:58] Education and Training Requirements to Become a Millwright
[20:31] The Role of the Millwright Union and the Importance of the ‘Hall’
[21:06] What is a journey person
[24:13] The Importance of Attitude, Punctuality, Safety, and Effort in the Millwright Field
[29:38] The Role of Millwrights in the Food Industry
[37:42] The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Millwright Work
[43:09] The Use of Augmented Reality in Diagnosing Machine Issues
[45:54] Career Growth Opportunities in the Millwright Field
[46:11] Advice for someone wanting to become a journey person
[49:52] Final Thoughts and Contact Information

UBC Millwright Local 1916

The Millwright Regional Council (MRC)

Red Seal trade code called 433A.

Nole Coutrouzas Quotes

Really didn’t know what I wanted to do because it’s it’s really hard and I say this a lot and most of my speaking engagements, but especially with parents and guidance counselors and people that are looking for career paths in the younger years, it’s it’s really hard to ask a 16 year old to figure out what they want to do for the rest of life.

Nole Coutrouzas

Safety is number one for us. That is done through training and education, to know what your entitlements are and know what’s right and know what’s wrong.

Nole Coutrouzas

Be punctual. You know, for us, if you’re not 15 minutes early. Like if you start at 7, if you ain’t there by quarter to 7, you’re late.

Nole Coutrouzas

[About being a millwright]. We’re looking for people that want a career, not a job. And there’s a very big difference between a career and a job.

Nole Coutrouzas

There’s every opportunity possible for you. And that’s an any trade. That’s just not millwrighting. The opportunities are endless of where you want to go. It’s what are you going to put effort into it? What do you want to do? You got to figure out what you want to do.

Nole Coutrouzas

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