Attention New Grads: 5 Things You Must Do Before You Graduate

I’m going to make this short and sweet!

‘To Do’ list:

  1. If you are passionate about food and the food industry the very first thing you need to do is join FoodGrads, you will have an instant network with like minded ‘food focused’ people starting out and experienced within the industry.  You are able to create a unique personal profile that will be searchable by Food Employers, enabling you to start your career in food with guidance and support from industry professionals.
  2. Resume – make sure you have a clean and updated resume ready to go! We can help you with your resume, members of the FoodGrads network include industry recruiters and HR pros that are more than happy to support you.  Depending on the position you are applying to, use your imagination–for example, if you are applying to a marketing role GET CREATIVE–show them why they need you on their team.
  3. Appearance – I know you have heard this 100 times but first impressions count! Showing that you took the time to present well speaks volumes.  It shows effort, commitment and interest in the position/company and more importantly, how you would represent their organization if you were hired. If the person in front of you is wearing jeans and a t-shirt–it doesn’t matter–often they will tell you not to wear a tie to the next interview, but they will remember and appreciate the effort you made initially.
  4. House work – clean up your social media accounts (delete or make private, what’s on-line is your personal brand) and make sure you have a professional email address. Imagine having a really great interview and then providing your potential future boss with “”.  Trust me, not a good move.  First name and last name combinations are best.
  5. References – start thinking about who you would like a potential employer to call.  Typically, an employer will ask for 3 (further in your career they will be at least 2 people you reported into and perhaps a co-worker or customer you work with often) but as a new grad they understand you do not have these connections so a professor or someone you have worked for that can attest to your work ethic, personality etc. will suffice.  Remember to ask them first though, always get permission to use references because if they receive a call and they were not aware it was coming, it will reflect badly on you.

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We started FoodGrads as a support system to students and new grads to start their career in food, our blog is a great place to hear from people who were in your shoes not long ago, people that have been in the industry for a while–with invaluable insight–and of course recruiters and HR pros.

Don’t fret, you’ve got this, and we’ve got your back!

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