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Adam Yee, has completed over 50 episodes and counting, looking into a wide and diverse pool of people in the food industry. From different backgrounds–ages and professions–what always shines is their love of food.  If you have not subscribed, what are you waiting for?

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The interviews give you a sneak peak into the professions and passions of the people who make up the industry.  At FoodGrads we are dedicated to supporting students, graduates and those in career transition start their career.  Many of these interviews provide excellent career advice.  We hear peoples’ career stories, successes and failures, as well as solid advice to those who plan on a similar career path.

Here are a list of professions in the food industry and the most relevant episodes (some guests overlap in what they do).

Research and Development

Product Developers

Taryn Yee  Food Technologist at Safeway

Andrea Zeng  Food Technologist at Lundberg Farms

Adam Yee  Product Developer at Isagenix

Katie Lanfranki  Food Technologist at Southcoast Baking Company

Haley Richardson  Associate Scientist at the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group

Kimber Lew R and D Coordinator at La Terra Fina

Stephanie Ronquillio  Food Scientist at Newly Weds Foods

Jessica Gavin  Sr. Research Scientist at Nutrilite

Jocelyn Ngo  R and D Food Scientist at Day Lea Foods

Jaime Reeves R and D Manager at Del Monte Foods

Sherrill Cropper  Bakery Formulation Specialist at Red Star Yeast

Read more about food science here

Research Chefs

Kimberly King Shaub Innovation Manager at Lundberg Family Farms

Philip Saneski  President of the RCA Student Association

Michael Bunn  Sr. Manager QA and R and D at Sam’s Club

Ali Bouzari  CSO of Pilot R+D and Author of Ingredient

Louis Edmond  Food Technologist at Advanced Pierre Foods

Read more about being a Research Chef here.

Food Safety

Food Safety Auditor

Tiffany Lau Food Safety Auditor at NSF

Quality Assurance/Control

Raf Peeters  CEO of Qcify

Production and Operations

Trevor Fast Production Supervisor at Dandelion Chocolate

Sensory Science

Howard Moskowitz CSO of Mind Genomics

Food Engineering

Jeffrey Nguyen Supply Chain Engineer at Gatorade

Deya Trujillo Suarez Extrusion Engineer at Beyond Meat

Amit Sinha Process Innovation Engineer at Watson

Sales and Marketing

Account Manager

Kyle Failia  Account Manager at Glanbia (Distributor)

Russ Nishikawa  VPÂ of Buisness Development at SPI Group (Distributor)

Marketing Director

Eric Dunn  Director of Marketing and Innovation at Nutrifusion


For a firm

Brian Chau Food Technologist at Helmsman Group

Ken Botts  Food Policy Manager of the Human Society

Alan Marson  Managing Director of New Food Innovation


Darryl David  Consultant at Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions

Michael Kalanty  Author of How to Bake Bread

Authors, Writers, Advocates

Eve Turow PaulAuthors

Eve Turow Paul- Author of Generation Yum

Ali Bouzari  Author of Ingredient

Michael Kalanty Author of How to Bake Bread

Food Media

Julie Miguel Owner of Daily Tiramisu

Rachel Cheatham  Owner of Foodscape Group

Advocacy and Education

Crystal MacKay  CEO of Farm and Food Care (Farmer Education)

Naz Athina Kallel  Founder of Eu Herd (Ugly Food)

Ken Botts  Food Policy Manager of the Human Society (Plant Protein)

Graduate Students

In school and work

Jocelyn Ngo  R and D Food Scientist at Day Lea Foods

In graduate school

Amy DeJong Student at University of Wisconsin

Caroline Campbell  Student at North Carolina State University

Audrey Girard Student at Texas A and M

John Gleeson Student at University College Dublin

Deepak Kumar Student at Oklahoma State

Fiona Salim  Student at  University of Wageningen

Eleni Gallata Student at University of Missouri

Check out our Graduate Student Series for more info about Graduate School!

Business Owners


Rohini Dey  Owner of Vermillion

Lisa Tse  CEO of Sweet Mandarin

Food Businesses

Tom Neuhaus  Owner of Mama Ganache Chocolates

Sarabeth Yelli Marshall  Owner of Yellibelly Chocoaltes

Pina Romolo  CEO of Picco la Cucina

Julie Bernarski  President and founder of the Healthy Crunch Company


PhDs in Industry

Bo Wang  Sr. Technologist at Nu – Mega Ingredients

Jaime Reeves  R and D Manager at Del Monte Foods

Sherrill Cropper Bakery Formulation Specialist at Red Star Yeast

Rachel Cheatham  Owner of Foodscape Group

Ali Bouzari  Author of Ingredient

Howard Moskowitz  CSO of Mind Genomics

Seronei Cheison  Mars Petcare

Event Planning

Rachelle Boucher  Culinary Events Manager at Miele


Nicole Gallace  Founder of Foodgrads

Mike Hewitt  CEO of One Haus

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