Careers in Food and Beverage

50 Career Paths in Food Service & Food Processing

We are thrilled to share the preview of the career resource we have been working on.  There is a skills shortage and issues around attracting young talent to explore careers in the industry.  We have created this book to distribute to secondary and post-secondary schools for FREE.

– Do you see value in exposing your company and careers to the next generation of food professionals?

– Are you struggling to find young talent to join your organization?


We’ll celebrate your support on social media and would ask for your logo and one or more of the following; employee spotlight, video, podcast, motivation quote to include throughout the book.  We need this audience to get to know the industry better, that will only happen if we can highlight different organizations in the industry!


We will be creating a directory at the back of the book with links to career pages/websites.

College & University Partners will also be featured in the book.