Find a Job or Industry you LOVE!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius

And this is so true! Although it doesn’t necessarily need to be a ‘job’. It can be an industry, like perhaps the food industry!

Here is my story;

I joined the Tim Hortons head office team many, many, many years ago. I didn’t have a ‘dream job’ in mind. I didn’t really aspire to hold any particular job title. I simply wanted to be part of a reputable organization. And to serve others, to make a difference.

I did my job to the best of my abilities, as most of us do. I took my professional development very seriously. But where I gained the best learnings, experiences, memories and built professional relationships was by taking on any projects or assignments that were available to me, especially those outside of my wheelhouse. And I learned that being collaborative and helping others was far more rewarding than any solo accomplishment.

Did this philosophy serve me well?

I joined Tims in an administrative position. When I left 22 years later, I was a Senior Director of Corporate Human Resources providing leadership to a super star team of 45. I planned on taking a one-year sabbatical. That turned into 3 years. Then a new passion kicked in and I became a yoga teacher. I have never looked back!

My advice to you;

Be passionate about what you love. Work for a company with integrity that you respect. Go for any opportunity that you find interesting, even if it is not in your wheelhouse. Find the pony!

Work hard and play hard – ensure you have work life /home life balance and most importantly, just have fun, be yourself and be ethical.

I hope you read my blogs.  I welcome any comments or feedback.

Author: Michelle Preyde, former Senior Director of HR, Tim Hortons


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