My Food Job Rocks!

As part of our broader mission, FoodGrads is dedicated to raising awareness about the exciting and varied opportunities available in Food.

Without food, we cannot survive, and that is why issues that affect the food industry are so important. -Marcus Samuelsson

Lets break it down, there are many sectors within the food industry and hundreds of professions.  The unfortunate reality is that many young people are not aware of the roles, therefore there is a distinct lack of interest to pursue a career in food.  We have to change that!

  • Agriculture: raising of crops, livestock and seafood
  • Manufacturing: agrichemicals, agricultural construction, farm machinery and supplies, seed, etc.
  • Food processing: preparation of fresh products for market, and manufacture of prepared food products
  • Marketing: promotion of generic products (e.g., milk board), new products, advertising, marketing campaigns, packaging, public relations, etc.
  • Wholesale and distribution: logistics, transportation, warehousing
  • Foodservice / Catering
  • Restaurant / Culinary
  • Grocery / Retail, farmers’ markets, public markets
  • Regulation: local, regional, national, and international rules and regulations for food, including food quality, food safety, marketing/advertising, and industry lobbying activities
  • Education: academic, consultancy, vocational
  • Research and development: food technology
  • Financial services: credit, insurance
  • Legal Services

By 2050 the global population will grow to almost 10 Billion people, the food industry will be under pressure to keep up with the demand and tackle the inevitable skills shortage.  In Canada alone, we will see the population grow by another 5 Million, and with advancing technologies and innovations in food the industry is going to change considerably.

We need influential, powerful, ambitious, socially conscious, forward thinking, game changing young people to choose food as a career and pursue degrees, diplomas, certifications and courses that enable them to meet the demands of an industry we ALL need at its best.

The nation’s fiscal health is dependent upon the health of the next generation. When we consider the cost of inaction in a matter of national security, lives are at stake. Debra Eschmeyer, Co-Founder of Food Corps

To help generate awareness FoodGrads is ‘spreading the word’.  We are profiling different people, from different companies, with different titles, allowing them to explain in their own words why MyFoodJobRocks!

Also, send us pics and video and we’ll add them to our Instagram page @foodgrads if you like!

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Why did you decide to pursue a career in food?

Top 3 advice tips for students and new grads coming into the industry 

Tell us why your Food Job Rocks?

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(Adapted list of Food Industry sectors from Wikipedia)

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