On-Boarding Package for Food Processors


Quick Overview

This comprehensive on-boarding package was created by active industry professionals who have on-boarded multiple new hires successfully.  How do we know it was a success?  Because the new hires provided positive feedback and are still with the company!

This package provides a 5 step workflow–from before their first day to 12 months of employment–including templates so the administrative part is done for you.  

1. Making the employee feel welcome (before they start & first day onwards).
2. Starting job training & company culture journey
3. Functional processes & job functions relevant to the department
4. Learning & Development
5. Continuous improvement project

By moving seamlessly through each of these steps–before they start, after day 1, week 1, month 1-3, month 4-6, month 7-12–you are welcoming, informing and engaging new hires  throughout their first year of employment.  Best of all, a peer or supervisor can easily follow this step by step to ensure your new hire is on-boarded effectively as part of a retention strategy.