When Plans Are Shelved

2016 – Don’t give it 5 minutes if you’re not going to give it 5 years, my mantra through the ups and downs.

Starting and growing a business offers new challenges, understatement of the century!

I didn’t know how to give birth or raise two kids, but biology takes over and I’d experienced being mothered, so I have an amazing mentor. Copy that.

Starting and growing a business is different, I can’t just copy and paste.

2017 – Yes, I’ve had amazing help. But juggling life and a startup I’ve found means there’s limited time to seek out the right help, actually ask for it, grasp it, apply it, so mostly you’re still alone, especially with your thoughts.

2018 – Constant chatter. It’s been 3 years, I’m going wrong! This is the BEST! Where am I going wrong? I’m so happy! I need to do/change (this part, best of all, always happens at 3 am). Another option is to just quit, like I did gymnastics when I was 16, when it got really hard.

Nope! Remember my mantra…5 minutes, 5 years.

2019 – I look back at 4 years of building. Building a foundation, an infrastructure, a support team, trust.

Pivot, drink (for medicinal purposes only you understand), pivot.

It’s working.

A few ‘big guys’ see the potential, understand the vision and best of all believe strongly that what I’m pedaling is needed in the world. Magic! The planets are aligning.

2020 – It’s going to be intense, long hours, money, energy (ignore the constant brain chatter, I can’t do this, I’m not smart enough, brave enough etc, etc, etc, )

I’ve got the green light, the proverbial ‘thumbs up’ from some established, respected, trusted ‘big guys’.

The ‘sign’, the sign I’m always looking for is literally flashing, the writing is on the wall in neon letters!

Relief. It all starts to make sense, it’s all falling into place. I look at the last 4 years and I see the path has led here, as it was always meant to (duh, naturally)

What could possibly derail this? No seriously, what??? Nothing.

The deals done. It’s ‘head down’ time. I know I have the work ethic for this. Even if I question all that I don’t bring to the table, I’m confident in what I do bring, dedication, loyalty and I’m a bloody hard worker. I’m so ready.

Most of all my gut feeling hasn’t changed since the start, this idea needs to be seen through to the end, because it’s a good one.

Keep going!

March 15, 2020 – everything stops, derails, crashes.

Plans are shelved.

Look for the positives, search for the ‘silver lining’ there has to be a bigger reason for all of this right?

There is, it will be revealed. I’m listening to my pre-pandemic gut. All in good time, at the right time I”ll see the guiding ‘sign’. What a ride!

Until then.

Pivot, drink, pivot…. 🙂

Author: Nicole Gallace – Founder, FoodGrads

What’s going through your head right now? How have you been ‘derailed’ or do you feel ‘shelved’? I would love to hear from you…

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