Where Do I Start My Job Search in the Food Industry?

There are plenty of job boards but which ones are the best for food & beverage opportunities?  The results can be overwhelming when you search and often the jobs that come up are not what you are interested in. 

Even when you find a job that looks interesting, are you 100% confident to apply?

I was curious so I put myself in your shoes and got to work….searching….

I visited TalentEgg, a site that caters to students and grads across Canada.  I love this site for recent grads in general but they did not have specific food & beverage industry jobs or advice.  I counted only 2 openings in the ‘Food Industry’ section.

So where should students and grads go to find jobs in the Food & Beverage Industry?  Here’s where I found the best results;

Websites & Job Boards

FoodGrads currently has 1000+ students & grads registered & ready to go (Canada & US). These are people who are in a food related program at school, just graduated or are early in their career (up to 5 years exp.) Basically the future of the Food & Beverage industry!

FoodGrads just introduced a new Job Board for entry level roles, internships, coops, projects and any other opportunities for students and new graduates interested in the industry.

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Which Search Terms Should I Use?

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