A Step by Step Video Guide: How to Build Your Resume Students & New Grads

Our job is to make your job of getting a job in the Food & Beverage industry a little easier for you. Whatever your dream job might be, we’ll help you get it.

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We understand the challenges being a new grad or current student brings when writing a resume.  You can’t invent work experience or skills, you are only just starting out…we get it!  Here you will see how to showcase what you have done effectively.

Partnering with eLoft Careers–specialists in supporting students and recent grads–we bring you the only resource you will need to create the most compelling resume.  Step by step, Liz walks you through an example of a resume specifically for the food industry and explains what information you need to include and where.

Check out this video on the FoodGrads home page, its all you’ll need!


Get Your Foot In the Door

A well written cover letter, crafted for the position and company is also a major piece of the job search puzzle.

eLoft Careers offers easy to follow online / on-demand courses to help you create winning resumes, standout cover letters, and develop the interview skills to land you a terrific FoodGrad job.

I am very proud of this partnership because their advice works and our goal is to see you hired!

Why Trust Our Advice?

I have 10 years of recruitment experience in Food & Beverage.  My job was to look at resumes and cover letters for a living and decide based on just these two pieces of information (for me mostly the resume counted, but that’s just me!) who to interview and who would move forward in the interview process.

Liz and Chandra have a wealth of experience supporting professionals at all levels, however their focus is on students and grads.

This qualifies us to be so bold, we have your back!  Plus, we asked professionals from the industry that hire new grads for their input too!

A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the way to go.  Depending on the industry and specific job you are seeking, you must tailor your approach.

Good luck Food Grads!

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