How I Became a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador & Landed My First Job!

I remember it like yesterday.

It was a Thursday afternoon when I got the message in my inbox from one of my professors, subject: Campus Ambassador.

Without hesitation, I quickly opened my mail and clicked on the link. When I opened the page, I saw a photo with a group of young people and right below that photo was the name, Nicole Gallace. At that moment, I never knew who Nicole was, but after reading the blogs that were posted on FoodGrads and viewing the website, there was no need to ask who she was again.

Being the type of person I am and with my inquisitive personality, I wanted to become part of FoodGrads. I sent a request to Nicole right away.  I wanted in on the fun.  I thought I had a part to contribute and wanted to become a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador.

I emailed Nicole and let her know I would love to become a FoodGrad and right away, she responded positively and set up a time for us to speak.

We had an amazing conversation and she boosted my spirit even more. We connected and stayed connected. Within a couple of weeks, I wrote three blogs that was promoted by Nicole on both LinkedIn and FoodGrads websites. My name was now out there, people now knew who I was and where I was going, and I was in the right company of people.

On March 20, 2018, I got the opportunity to meet this amazing, free spirited and incredible lady. I never knew this was going to be my big break that I prayed for. The moment that pulled me one step closer to getting my first Canadian Food Industry job.

That same day, Nicole told me about this job opportunity and without thinking twice, I said ‘Yes’. That night I got my first job interview lined up. On the day of my interview, I had to wake up very early, traveled for over four hours to get there, taking four different types of public transportation but, I cared zero about all the personal challenges.

I was too excited and too confident, and I wanted to make sure I got this job! In my head, I received the job even before I started the interview. All I wanted to do was to impress Nicole.

When I stepped into the room, the interviewer said to me,

“You came highly recommended, you were recommended by Nicole Gallace from FoodGrads”.

Now I knew I had to work even harder to impress her. Two weeks later, I opened my inbox and there was an email saying that I got the job. I was elated!

I emailed Nicole right away! She was so over joyed to hear of my success and she expressed how proud she was of me. I felt as if she was my mom commending me. I was super happy 🙂

Because of Nicole and FoodGrads, I was the first student in my class and my batch to receive a job offer four weeks before I was finished with my program.

My professors were very proud of me and had a lot of confidence that I will do great. I just moved to a new city and have so much to look forward to.  Thank you, Nicole, and thank you FoodGrads for my first Canadian Food Industry Experience!

Author: Sashana Chattoo-Edwards

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