FoodGrads Podcast Episode 77: Becoming a Master of All Trades and Finding Solutions with Neha Mehta, Food Safety Quality Assurance Compliance Coordinator/Supervisor at Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Neha Mehta is a Food Safety Quality Assurance Compliance Coordinator/Supervisor at Maple Leaf Foods. Maple Leaf Foods is leading consumer protein company, making high-quality, innovative products under national brands including Maple Leaf, Scheiders and Lightlife.

Neha graduated from Centennial College and after graduation she has worked both as a QA technician and Quality Assurance Supervisor. Through out her career Neha has learned to be a master of all traders and find solutions whenever an obstacle is encountered. She is now passing on those teachings through her passion of growing and developing fresh graduates into strong quality professionals.

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Show notes


[0:40] Neha introduction

[1:53] Why Neha decided to go into food safety

[3:07] Some of the things that Neha did to grow her career in food safety

[5:15] Certifications that food safety companies look for and how to obtain them

[8:07] Skills that have been essential to Neha moving up in food safety

[11:57] Different approaches to addressing food safety concerns

[15:10] Different work cultures in different food processing facilities

[16:26] What Neha does as a compliance coordinator

[22:52] How Neha has picked up learned the technical knowledge required for her job

[25:44]Skills which have essential for Neha’s career. What skills she would recommend for students who are thinking or going into food safety

[31:00] Automation in food safety

[36:04] LinkedIn for food safety

[37:15] Principles that guide Neha

Neha’s LinkedIn

Maple Leaf Foods

NSF Training
LinkedIn Training Six Sigma

Centennial College

Neha Mehta Quotes

[When speaking about getting into food safety] I kind of tumbled upon it. I did not intend and had a clear vision in my head that that is what I wanted to pursue. I was looking for a job which would help me in my immigration status back then when I applied for a QC technician role. I dived into that role, I understood the impact that I would be having on people’s lives and the food that comes to their table just by doing the job that I’m doing.

– Neha Mehta

People’s values and skill sets are very different on field. As much as you can interact with those people understanding how your peers work, understanding what their mode of approach is [essential] when it comes to troubleshooting or conflict management.

– Neha Mehta

But the core of what I’m doing is making sure that everything that is on the regulation from a quality and food safety standpoints.

– Neha Mehta

Invest in yourself at your own time too. It is not just about letting your company pay for your certifications. Invest in your own certification if you have to.

– Neha Mehta

The moment you stop challenging yourself is when you’re stunting your own growth so make mistakes. Keep learning.

– Neha Mehta


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