8 Facts About Chocolatiers

Chocolate is a delicious treat enjoyed by millions around the world. It comes in different shapes, colours flavours and so many things. Chocolate is a huge industry around the world and it is interesting how one ingredient can have so many things surrounded around it.

This week FoodGrads is looking at the delicious and creative careers of chocolatiers

1. Chocolatiers play with chocolate

Chocolatiers are individuals:

who make confections out of chocolate by combing their passion for art and chocolate. They craft a range of chocolate treats which range from specialty artistic chocolate to molded designs.  Chocolatiers specialize in customized products which large organization don’t cater to. This allows these professionals the opportunity to show off their creative flair. Finally, chocolatiers use  a scope of skills such as tempering to prepare chocolates for molding, dipping, decorating and molding.

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2. Chocolatiers are creative

In order to stand out in a competitive industry chocolatiers must be creative. Chocolatiers show their creativity through both taste and ascetics. Each chocolatier has their own unique experiences and by channeling this into their work they can come up with tasty delights.

3. Chocolatiers understand chocolate

To be a creditable chocolatier than you need to know the various chocolate varieties out there. Dark, white, milk all of these chocolates have distinctions between. Chocolatiers understand that every step in the a chocolate making process effects the end result even the time and location a cocoa bean is grown will ultimately affect it.

4. Chocolatiers have this education

The most common route for chocolatiers is attending culinary arts school or attending a specific chocolatier course. Typically, schools don’t offer chocolatier degrees but many schools offer courses which teach you the basics of chocolate work. Many employers require workers to have a completed some sort of Baking and Pastry Arts program as learning about chocolate is a skill best learned in skill. Additionally, some student enter in an apprenticeship under an experienced chocolatier.

Although less common some chocolatiers are self-taught. Typically, these professionals work out of their homes and through hard work they are able to learn all the tricks about chocolate.

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5. Chocolatiers enter competitions

It is not uncommon for chocolatiers to enter in competitions once they have become masters at their craft. Many chocolatiers enter competitions because they help to increase customer bases and secure corporate accounts. Competitions also help to develop chocolatiers skills at a rapid base encouraging avenues of creativity not seen in everyday work.

6. Chocolatiers may work retail

If you have ever gone to the local shopping mall then you might have come across a chocolate store with a chocolatier working behind the counter. It is not uncommon for chocolatiers to work in a commercial retail setting acting as a primary contact for retail store staff. They work the front lines receiving constructive feedback from customers and ensuring that all in-store staff understand the features and benefits of chocolate.

7. Chocolatiers need to handle pressure

Although being a chocolate maker involves working with fun ingredient it also labour intensive. These professionals must be able to handle pressure and repetitive tasks. This job involves standing on your feet all day meaning it is physically intensive.

8. Chocolatiers have these set of skills

  • Patience- Being a chocolatier requires an immense amount of patience as creating different blends of chocolate requires time. In order for chocolate to obtain that characteristic shine it requires time and proper tempering. Chocolatiers need to to be patient and avoid taking short cuts as chocolate is temperamental and will likely end in poor results.
  • Ability to work for long hours- Although the idea of working with chocolate sounds exciting (which it is) at times it can become laborious work. In order to create intricate pieces of chocolate work it requires working for long periods of time. Not to mention the work can become repetitive preparing, molding and decorating different chocolates.
  • Attention to detail- If you ask any chocolatier they will tell you that chocolate is a science. You have to be exact with the temperature you melt and cool at. Chocolatier pay attention to every aspect from flavour to texture in order to create tasty treats.

Author: Veronica Hislop Veronica is a Chemistry student studying at Ryerson University and is now a Quality Assurance Technician at a snack food company. She has a passion for bringing awareness to sustainability in the food industry. When Veronica is taking a break from her food endeavors you will find her at home reading a great novel and playing with her cats.

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