FoodGrads Podcast Ep 73: Defining and cultivating innovation and creativity with Michelle Brisebois, Senior Marketing Strategist and Founder of Textrix Consulting Ltd.

On episode 73 of the FoodGrads Prodcast we are interviewing Michelle Brisebois, Senior Marketing Strategist and Founder of Textrix Consulting Ltd. Textrix has start-ups define marketing strategy, mid size companies boost their SEO through engaging and optimized content plans, and have conducted research and discovery on digital transformation trends used by large, international software companies.

On this episode we are covering finding a career that matches your passions, cultivating innovation, navigating your career in an age of change and the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN). Michelle has launched products, brands and campaigns across a wide array of packaged goods and service industries. She is also a published writer and part-time Marketing Professor at Niagara College. Overall, she is a lover of technology, restaurants, retail and people.

Show notes

Time Stamps

[2:32] Who Michelle Brisebois is and what Textrix Consulting Ltd is

[5:49] What drew Michelle to marketing

[14:17] What is the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN)

[19:48] Michelle’s definition of innovation

[22:39] How students get better at innovating

[27:39] The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

[31:10] Michelle’s take on artificial intelligence and how it will affect jobs in the food space

[37:34] Being open to new experiences and career roles

Michelle Brisebois’s LinkedIn

Textrix Consulting

Rich Products

Canadian Food Innovation Network

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Planet Money Artificial Intelligence Episode

Strong Interest Inventory

Canadian Pizza Magazine

Canadian Vending Magazine.

Michelle Brisebois Quotes

We don’t have to just narrow the aperture do what resonates today and kinda let life happen too, and those opportunities to reveal themselves and then, go for it.

Michelle Brisebois

I’ve actually thought a lot about this. I think I might even have it on my website but I believe that innovation is creativity manifest on the physical plane. So creativity is the idea, it’s the concept and innovation is actually implementing it in a new way.

Michelle Brisebois

And that was just the next logical step that then that led to the next and the next and the next. And so instead of thinking about where do I wanna be in 10 steps, what’s the next logical step? What interests me now? And you know look for people that are doing that already and interview people are a great resource. When you see someone that’s living the life you want. Don’t get jealous. Find out how they did it.

Michelle Brisebois

I know tons of people who are in the fifties and sixties who still don’t know what they wanna be when they grow up.

Michelle Brisebois

I think we find great joy when we get more curious about ourselves and and don’t take ourselves for granted in what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished and more curious about how does that skill apply to where I wanna go next? You know, how can I make it apply? How can I find what are the parallels?

Michelle Brisebois

And you know, life really isn’t quite as compartmentalized I think as we make it out to.

Michelle Brisebois

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