Looking For a Part-Time Job While You’re Still at School?

Don’t ever underestimate the value of a part-time job.

I know your part-time job may seem like more of a hassle than a reward, but there are many skills you pick up in the workplace without even realizing.

The skills you acquire in your part-time job can have a profound affect when it comes time to transition into a career.

How Your Part-time Job Can Help Lead to a Career!

I remember being a student with a part-time job. I was in University working towards getting my degree, all while working a few days a week part-time. At the time, like most students working part-time, I was much more invested in school than at work.

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School always came first, as it should. However, when thinking about this experience, I realize more so how invaluable this work experience is.

You learn to be organized, how to communicate, proper time management skills and accountability. In fact, these skills were so valuable to me, that my sister and I both left our jobs in Marketing & Advertising to create an app that helps students find jobs.

Swob is a free app, and is the first of its kind to target students and aims to help those who struggle looking for jobs or for those who are simply looking for something new.

The types of jobs you find on the Swob app are the ones that provide you with the skills and experience that will be beneficial in your career.

Download Swob Today!

Not only will these jobs provide you with skills and experience, they may also help you in figuring out potential career options. You might find yourself, for example, working part-time in a restaurant. You might also find yourself enjoying working in a restaurant and thinking about the food & beverage industry as a possible career choice.

There are so many options to think about in the food & beverage industry as well. It isn’t just bartenders and chefs, it’s marketers, food scientists, farmers, nutritionists, and lawyers to name a few.

Although you might think a part-time job won’t lead to a career as a lawyer in the food and beverage industry, it is important that you realize you can learn something from every type of job.  What I learned from my part-time job experience certainly helped me throughout University and in my career.

It is also important to note that the job market is very competitive and if you are thinking about entering an industry like food & beverage, it is best to prepare yourself now. The more prepared you are now the readier you will be once you enter the workforce.

If a part-time job during the school year is what you’re looking for, remember to download Swob and if a career in food & beverage is something you’ve been thinking about, be sure to register with FoodGrads!

Author: Alexander Florio, Co-Founder – Swob Inc.

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