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Students and graduates as well as those who are planning a career transition–do you have a question about a career path?  Maybe you have a question about joining the food industry or a particular sector to work in?

Whatever the case, we have a HUGE North American network to tap into to allow for a variety of perspectives to help you on your way.

Here are some examples–not ALL are here–be sure to explore the categories and keywords in the search bar on the FoodGrads blog to learn more!

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  • What can I do with my degree in the Food & Beverage Industry?
  • What’s the best advice for negotiating my first salary in the Food Industry?
  • Does having a Masters Degree make a difference?
  • I’m graduating with BSc Nutrition & Dietetics, what are my options in the Food & Beverage Industry?
  • How can I get a job as a Food Stylist?
  • I can’t choose between Nutrition/Dietitian and Food Science, what’s your advice?
  • What courses should I take if I want to pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs/Food Labeling?
  • I have a PhD in Food Science.  What are my options in the Food Industry?
  • I want to travel in my role, what are the best jobs in the Food & Beverage Industry that will allow me to travel?
  • I’m currently studying biology. I’ve wanted to go into food science but I am not able to attend any schools offering the program. Is it still possible for me to get into the food industry? If so what kinds of classes should I be taking?
  • “I have completed my #Masters degree with thesis in food engineering. What certifications or courses do you recommend I take because I’m struggling to get hired. I don’t understand where the gap is in my resume or skill set, that’s turning employers off”.
  • I just graduated in Culinary Nutrition Management, I do not want to work in an industrial kitchen, but I would still like to pursue a career within the culinary field. Do you have any suggestions?
  • I am a recent graduate with a Masters degree in Food Technology. I have been trying to get a position in Food R&D by networking, interviewing and doing everything I can. However, the only positions I hear back from are in Quality. On one hand, I know I shouldn’t be picky, on the other hand I don’t wish to start my career in a field that doesn’t align with my goals. Should I stick with my ambitions in R&D, or take a position in Quality and move later?
  • I’m an Engineer, what can I do with that in the Food & Beverage Industry?”
  • I have worked in a restaurant as a chef for 5 years, I now have a family and need regular work hours. What are my options?
  • What is Six Sigma?How can I pursue this as a career path and where will it take me?

**Check out the ‘8 Facts about….’ series on the blog to explore different career paths**

The FoodGrads team will provide feedback, AND we will ask our HUGE Food & Beverage community for their thoughts too!

Many people in the Food & Beverage Industry ‘fell’ into their role, we hear time and time again, it was never their career plan. Sharing these experiences and gaining perspectives from people in the industry WILL reinforce our core belief that there is something for EVERYONE in the Food & Beverage Industry!

Please send your questions to Nicole, we will not share your name as we gather feedback (if you prefer) and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

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