Feedback from the ‘FoodGrads Academy’ RORC Food Safety Training.

We were thrilled that the May 2021 cohort completed their training, even better they all loved it!

Victor, our fearless RORC leader delivered the 2 day training and received amazing feedback.

Anthony went one step further and wrote a wonderful post explaining why this training was important for his career and why he wants to work in the food industry. He shared his certificate on LinkedIn, to boost his profile!

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“This training provided a more insightful, in-depth, and practical application of the relevant food safety toolkits more than I expected. The knowledge and certification obtained from this course will help to improve my skills in facilitating the production of a high-quality and safe end-product”  Anthony Bassey

“In my opinion, everything I learn in college is theory based and you brought me to something more realistic, more detail-oriented. You explained everything carefully and gave clear examples” Chloe Hoang

“Thanks so much for the training. It was a great opportunity for me to learn new concepts and thinking. Do please let me know when the Level 2 training would occur? I would like to join” Murali Bujji

“It was absolutely great and helpful with all the examples and topic discussion, I am glad that I had the chance to take the courseThao Nguyen

I really enjoyed the course I found it very interesting. I’ll have to look over the notes and videos a few more times to get a better grasp of it.  I’d be interested in doing the Level 2 certificate once restrictions are eased and you can give in person training again” Conor Duigenan

The training is really interesting. I like the theory that you use, and the common sense approach you take – any production worker can fill in your form when a concern arises and come to a reasonable conclusion, then tell management exactly what needs to be looked at, in clear terms. It also allows management to see where peoples’ thought process is and where to correct it if need beMichelle Lang

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Visit the ‘FoodGrads Academy‘ page – June 23 & 24 – is open for new sign ups!

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Amelia also took the training while she attended Niagara College, here’s her story….

Thao also shares her experience taking the two-day training with Victor…

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