Move Over Celebrity Chefs, Like It Or Not, Food Grads Are The New Rock Stars!

If you have an interest in the Food & Beverage Industry (or Leonardo DiCaprio) you will know by now that he invested in Beyond Meat.  In case you didn’t know, they make burgers out of plants.

There is a movement towards finding alternative proteins due to dietary choices/restrictions and addressing environmental issues caused by food production.  This one being close to Leo’s heart as he stated that livestock production is a major driver of carbon emissions.

Whoever you are and whatever you eat, the food system is changing and that’s big news.

Who Knows What Will Be Next?

I’ll tell you who knows…. the Food Scientists, Farmers, Engineers, Marketers, Food Safety pros etc. the amazing talent behind the scenes that bring the ‘next biggest thing’ into your homes and stomachs.

Ethan Brown, Founder, CEO of Beyond Meat (& Rock Star) had a brilliant idea.  His passion, drive and determination moved the company forward to become the success it is today.

While Beyond Meat is all over the news and consumers visit the website, learn about the products and look for them next time they are at the store (or in their favourite restaurant) declaring;

This is delicious!  Look at me taking care of my health and the environment, one juicy bite at a time”

Will they be thinking about the people behind the scenes?  Does anyone wonder about the professionals that develop and create the products?  The unsung heros….

The Rock Stars!

The R&D team who have worked tirelessly to create a product that is healthy, nutritious, tastes great (taking into account cost of ingredients, which involves working with buyers etc. etc.) that can then be taken to the production facility and mass produced.

The packaging team that spent months designing and creating something that appeals to consumers, keeps the food safe/fresh AND is kind to the environment.

Beyond meat

The engineers who support all functions in the plant and the food safety people that ensure quality and safety of the food produced (just ask Chipotle what happens when there is a food safety issue 🙁 )

These are just some of the rock stars that go unnoticed, but you get the idea.

Traceability, transparency, ingredients and labelling are words on the lips of every foodie.  People want and deserve to know where their food comes from and exactly what they are eating.  They can then determine if its healthy, nutritious or junk.  Point is, they can make an informed purchasing decision.

The reality is that not everyone is able to visit the farmers market daily, to harvest (I mean) purchase their wholesome, organic ingredients to whip up a hearty, nutritious meal for their family.

While this may be healthy (not to mention very idyllic) it is simply not on the cards for thousands and thousands of households (mine included).

We Need Big Food!

Why do you think 2 min tasty videos are so popular?  No one has time to cook.  We look for quick and convenient. We eat out, we order delivery–some of us order meal kits–but most of us still rely on what we can buy at the grocery store.

We demand healthy and nutritious food (and if we don’t personally demand it, the Food Babe does it for us).

The middle isles or frozen food isles in the grocery store (or equivalent online) are not going anywhere.  The people who are making that food are the new rock stars.

They need to be encouraged, celebrated and respected because they are feeding the majority of people and having the biggest impact on the planet!

These ‘Rock Stars’ Feed The Masses

The global population is increasing.  By 2050 there will be 9.6 Billion mouths to feed on our planet, we need to get smart about our food system and the people who work in it.  Its time to celebrate the people and professions and give them the respect they deserve.

Rock stars like the folks at Beyond Meat, who have created products that look and taste like meat but are made of plants–so are really good for us and the planet–are the future of food.

Maybe plants are not your thing, perhaps you’ll continue to eat the way you always have.  You have every intention of visiting the same fast food places or to indulge in the same treats.

That’s okay–no judgement–each to their own!  But don’t you hope talented people are saying, okay, people like this–its a big seller–we are going to continue to make it BUT maybe we can tweak and reformulate a little (or a lot) to make it healthier or to reduce the carbon foot print?

Innovation and technological advances have changed this industry.  There has never been a more exciting time to be in food and whether you like it or not, move aside celebrity chefs, FOOD GRADS are the new rockstars!!

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