Your Job Board Sucks! There’s NO Jobs :(

Colin, an eager student–soon to be graduate–was excited to discover FoodGrads! He explained that he has been finding the blog really useful and informative.

Current students, new grads and experienced professionals collaborate with us to make the FoodGrads blog a place you have to visit if you’re planning to join the Food & Beverage industry!

Colin had one major problem with us though;

Where Are All The Jobs?

There are lots of jobs available in the Food & Beverage industry, we know this.  Globally, Food and Agribusiness is a 5 Trillion dollar industry.

By 2050 the global population will increase to almost 10 Billion, which has a massive impact on the food system.  Investment in food innovation and technology has increased threefold since 2013.

More than ever companies need fresh new talent as the baby boomers retire leaving a huge gap in the workforce.  There are jobs!

What I was curious about though, is the limitations on industry job offerings. Since I am about to graduate soon and will be actively searching for a job, I would have expected there to be a wider offering of jobs”

OUCH!  I Hated Reading This, But I Do Agree.

I responded;

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink’

That’s what came to mind when I read your concerns over the lack of jobs on the site, I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s frustrating when you are looking for a job and you know employers are looking to hire.  

The FoodGrads platform is the ONLY dedicated site for students and grads joining the Food & Beverage Industry….”

… where are all the jobs?

Colin also added; “With that being said, I was wondering if you had any plans to increase career offerings in the future, especially when competitive services such as LinkedIn email me 30+ (although not always properly matched) opportunities a day?

I LOVE that he compared us to LinkedIn, what a compliment!  LinkedIn also had to start somewhere though and gain popularity over time.  So to answer Colin’s question, yes we are planning to increase career offerings.

We do have Mobile App on iOS & Android in development.  We do have lots amazing plans for FoodGrads, that we know will benefit the entire community.  However, we are not funded and it takes time.  But we are so excited about what we have in store for you!!

I continued in my email;

I do share your frustration, all I can say is as we grow (we have been in business 2 years) we know more employers will see the value of a niche site like FoodGrads, currently larger platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed etc. are the competition but we know that in time, our platform will be the obvious choice for Food and Beverage companies (on a side note, our job board is not expensive, its actually much cheaper to post here compared to the bigger sites).

Colin went on to say;

I love the niche service that FoodGrads is attempting to provide to future food industry employees like myself and I want the website to a roaring success in creating community support.

Thanks Colin, your support means so much 🙂

So, Why am I Sharing This & What Can Be Done?

I know Colin is not the only one frustrated with the offering of appropriate entry level opportunities available.

This is not the first ‘complaint’ I have received for the lack of jobs on the job board.  Side note – everyone is super kind because they are so happy the platform even exists!

All I can say is PLEASE share, comment, tweet your frustration to Food & Beverage employers.

Ask them WHY they aren’t using #FoodGrads as it’s the obvious and only resource of its kind available to them?!

FoodGrads Tribe, take this opportunity to ask for what you want so when you graduate there are jobs at your finger tips to get your career started.

Students/Grads: Create your FREE profile to ‘get found’ by employers, access skill development & training, advice from industry pros, apply to jobs to start your career and join a niche food & beverage community, the future of the food industry

Employers: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit your organization, unlimited job posting, on-boarding program, branding, a small investment for a big future!

College/Universities: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit you. Engage your students and bring attention to your programs.

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